The Mohican area is probably one of the best areas in Ohio for cycling. Whether you ride road, bike trails or Mountain bike, Mohican has it all. Our cabin is only 3-4 miles from the trailhead of the Richland B & O bike trail that parallels the Clearfork valley from Mansfield to Butler. This 18.5 mile trail is a beautiful ride in it's own rite but becomes an artery to safely deliver the more serious rider to the hilly roads that surround the valley. This area provides unlimited potential to create a ride to suite riders of any level. The cool thing about the valley is that there are amazing climbs and rolling plateaus all less than 1/2 mile to the bike trail. Push to your breaking point then coast down to the bike trail for an easy flat ride back to your car or the cabin. If you are a mountain biker, we are only 7-8 miles from the trail head of Mohican State Parks mountain bike trail. This trail was rated the 40th best trail in the United States by This 24 mile trail is simply beautiful. I have included a few links below that offer descriptions and options of the trail as well as a map. What a great day to take a long beautiful ride then sit back and let the spa massage your weary muscles!

B & O bike trail map                                                                                                                                                                           www.mansfieldB&

Mohican State Park Mountain Bike trail map                                                                                                                                     www.MSPMTNbike

​     MTB project website                                                                                                                                                           



    Mohican 100 Mountain bike race                                                                                                                                        




Hiking in the Mohican area is a year round activity. In the summer the paths are cool, green havens from the hot summer sun. Fall brings color to the forest as the Oak and Maple leaves red, yellow and orange drift softly to the forest floor (My kids have always enjoyed catching the leaves before they can touch the ground proclaiming that the leaf they caught will never have touched the earth). The woods open to its visitors in the winter allowing views only available in these months. Unseen cliffs and boulders become visible and while much of Ohio becomes drab and colorless, Mohican is still awash of greens, reds, browns and tans due to the abundance of hemlock, fern and sandstone. Spring needs very little justification. It is simply a beautiful time to see Mohican. With an abundance of Dogwood and wildflowers it is simply beautiful. 

Mohican State Park Trail Map                    park is located at route 97 and route 3                419-994-5125                              

Malabar Farm Park Trail Map                    4050 Bromfield Rd.Lucas                                     419-882-2784                              


One of the most popular activities in the Mohican area is Canoeing. The Mohican area is known as "the canoe capitol of Ohio". There are 6 liveries with various trip lengths available running from April-October.

Loudonville Canoe Livery                    424 W. Main (old Wally rd)  Loudonville                  888-226-6356              

Mohican Adventures                            3045 S.R. 3 Loudonville                                                    419-994-4097                 

Mohican Reservation                           23270 Wally rd. Loudonville                                              800-766-2267                 

River Run                                            1 1/2 Mile S of Loudonville on Wally rd                              419-994-5256                 

River Run Route 3                               3069 State Route 3                                                            419-994-5204                           same as above

Toodik's Lake Fork Canoe Livery        call for address                                                                   877-886-7866                 


Whispering Pines Cabin is located  only 5-6 miles from the public launch of Pleasant Hill Lake and we have enough parking for a boat (or two). Pleasant hill lake is a beautiful lake, pooling in the valleys created by the Clearfork River. The lake borders Mohican State Park and borrows its, Hemlocks, Oaks and Maple forests on its' banks. Pleasant Hill allows skiing, wave runners and fishing . The lake can get a little crowded, peak season on the weekends, but if you can manage to get away during the week, you will just about have the lake to yourself. It certainly is not as big as Cumberland or Norris, but with the price of gas these days you can save a fortune by staying a little closer to home. Due to the hills surrounding Pleasant Hill it is well protected from the wind and is truly a great place to ski or board.

Pleasant Hill Lake Park                        3431 State Route 95 Perrysville                                419-938-7884               

Pleasant Hill Marina                             3434 State Route 95 Perrysville                                419-938-6488               

    Boat Rentals ect.

Pleasant Hill Marina Fishing Map                                                                                                                                          www.phlfishing


You've just seen the list of restaurants, maybe you don't feel like you can make it to Trails End and would rather not have your Belly Busted. You still need to eat. We have compiled a list of grocery stores and markets to help you get the supplies you need. We know you don't want to spend all day shopping for food so we have arranged the list by the time it will take you to get there and have given a brief description of what you will find.

​Dollar General                                     40 Cleveland St. Butler                                                        419-883-2251                      About 5 Minutes from the cabin

    Limited Groceries. You could probably create a meal but you would be missing a few things you wish you had.

Stoodt's Market                                    184 Main Street Belleville                                                    419-886-3131                      About 15 Minutes

    Not Kroger, but pretty good selection of foods across the board. Definitely more well rounded than Dollar General

​Gribble's IGA Foodliner                        430 N. Jefferson St. Loudonville                                         419-994-3404                      About 20 Minutes

    Again fair selection but not going to overwhelm you.

Walmart Supercenter                            2485 Possum Run Rd. Mansfield                                       419-756-2850                      About 25-30 Minutes

     Need I describe what you will find?  

Plan your Stay

 (area activities in Loudonville)

We love the Mohican area and want you to have a great time while staying at Mohican Pines, so we've put together this guide to help you get the most out of your stay. Whether you "feel the need for speed" and decide to experience a Zip line through the forest or simply want to relax at the cabin before visiting one of the fine restaurants the area has to offer, we want to give you the tools to plan the visit..... for you.

Specialty Dining

Our Cabin is in a beautiful location (yes the setting is amazing but I am talking geography here). It's an easy drive to Loudonville, Butler, Perrysville and even the western suburbs of Mansfield and Ashland. We have put together a list of restaurants that are unique, have good food and will not require a full tank of gas to get there and back. If you chose to eat at any of these fine establishments we would love to hear your feedback. Please post your comments on our facebook site to help others make their dining decisions. If you think we should add a restaurant, please let us know.

​Mohican Tavern                                      267 W. Main Street Loudonville                                       419-994-0070                    no known website

Trails End Restaurant Pizza & Bar         3052 St. Rt. 3 Loudonville                                                419-994-5561          

Bromfield's                                              1098 County Rd. 3006 Perrysville                                    419-938-5411          

Malabar Farm Restaurant                       Corner of St.Rt. 603 and Pleasant Valley Rd.                  419-938-5205          

The Cabin                                                2106 St. Rt. 603, Ashland                                                419-368-4457          

Hanover House Diner                             154 W. Main St. Loudonville                                             419-994-0330          

Stepping Stone Restaurant                     561 TR 3352 Loudonville                                                 800-291-5001 ext. 0 

Wedgewing Restaurant & Bakery            167 E. 3rd St. Perrysville                                                 419-938-0888                    no known website

Belly Busters                                           206 W. Main St. Loudonville                                             419-994-2227          

Oak Park Tavern                                      Rt, 430 East                                                                     419-589-2637          

2016 Calendar of Events


Your idea of a great vacation or getaway includes golf. We are proud of the natural setting of our cabin and the fact that you are in the country away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But, have no fear golf is near!  I have tried to sort these listings based on proximity to the cabin.

Pleasant Hill Golf Course 4089 Pleasant Hill Rd Perrysville                                        419-938-5311                        

Round Lake Golf Course 2652 Ohio 179  Lakeville                                                     419-827-2097                        

Little Apple Golf Course 366 Main St. Belleville                                                           419-886-4400                        

Deer Ridge Golf Course 900 Comfort Plaza Dr. Belleville                                           419-886-7090                         


8-10          Mohican Winterfest

10              Winter Hike (Mohican State Park)

15-17        Mohican Appalachian Music Weekend (Mohican State Park Lodge)


5-6            Maple Syrup Festival (Malabar Farm State Park)

12-13        Maple Syrup Festival (Malabar Farm State Park)


22             Ladies night out in Mohican (Downtown Loudonville)

22-24        Mohican Wildlife Weekend (Wolf Creek Gristmill and Malabar Farm State Park

22-24        Nature Oriented Scavenger Hunt & Kids Activities (Wolf Creek Gristmill)

23             Animals that Travel with Jack Hanna (Wolf Creek Gristmill)

23             Forest Biodiversity on Mohican-Memorial state Forest (Mohican Memorial State Forest)

24             Snakes of Ohio (Wolf Creek gristmill)

24             Hidden Gems of Mohican Hike (Mohican State Park)


14            May Barn Dance (Malabar Farm)

14            Spring Plow Days (Malabar Farm)

21             May Night Haunt (Malabar Farm)

28             Mohican Arts and Crafts Festival (Downtown Loudonville)


4               Mohican Mountain Bike 100 (Mohican State Park)

4                International Wine at Mill Run fundraiser (Wolf Creek Gristmill)

18-19         Mohican 100 Trail Run (Mohican State Park)

24-26         National Dutch Oven Gathering (Mohican Adventures)

25              June Haunt Night (Malabar Farm)

30-July 3   Ashland Balloon Fest (Ashland Ohio)  


2               Liberty Barn Dance (Malabar Farm)

2-3           July 4th Weekend Car show and Fireworks (Downtown Loudonville)

14-17         Flxible Bus Rally & Parade (Mohican Adventures)

23              July Night Haunt (Malabar Farm)

31              Sunday Drive car show (Malabar Farm)


6           Downtown Sidewalk Sales (Downtown Loudonville)

6           Farm Fun Day (Malabar Farm)

6           August Barn Dance (Malabar Farm)

20-21    The 18th Century Colonial Trade Fair (Mohican wilderness)

27          August Night Haunt (Malabar Farm)


3           Labor Day Fireworks (Pleasant Hill lake Park)

15         Mohican Bluegrass Festival (Mohican Wilderness)

16         Great Mohican Pow-wow

24         Heritage Barn Dance (Malabar Farm)

24         Oktoberfest (Wolf Creek Gristmill)

24-25    40th annual Ohio Heritage Days Festival and In the Spirit of Friends Antique and Primitive Show (Malabar Farm)

24-25    Prairie Peddler


1          Old Fashioned Film Feature (Malabar Farm)

1-2         Prairie Peddler

4-8         Loudonville Street Fair (Downtown Loudonville)

7-9         Fall Foliage Drive-it-Yourself Tour

15          Fall Hike for Health (Malabar Farm)

15          Fall Color Hike (Malabar Farm)

16          Mohican 5K Run

29          Harvest Barn Dance (Malabar Farm)


5-6         Hearthside Cooking Workshops (Malabar Farm)

12          Hearth and History (Malabar Farm)

13          Tea with Louisa May Alcott (Malabar Farm)

28           Backyard Bird Feeding Workshop (Mohican State Park)


2-4          Candlelight Holiday Tours (Malabar Farm)5

5             Loudonville Christmas Parade

9-11        Candlelight Holiday Tours (Malabar Farm)

12            Lifesaver 5k Run/Walk & 10 K Run (Charles Mill Lake)

Zip Line

It's a's a's's's YOU.  At Tree Frog Canopy Tours you can fly through the air, like Superman, soaring over the beautiful Mohican Valley Forest. We are really happy Tree Frog opened in the Mohican area because a good vacation is well rounded. As enjoyable as it is to kick back, relax and sip some tea, sometimes a good shot of adrenaline is in order and tree frog serves it up in a tall glass. If adventure is on your vacation list, schedule a zip.

Tree Frog Canopy Tours 21899 Wally Road Loudonville                                    740-599-2662                               

Horseback Riding

If you own a horse and want to ride at Mohican, bring it. We have plenty of room for your trailer and you are welcome to tie your horse off on our property. Mohican has well over 22 miles of Bridle trails and Malabar Farm has about 5.25 miles. Whispering Pines cabin is 7.4 miles to Malabar and 8 to Mohican.  The trails meander through rolling hardwood forests of Maple, Oak, Hickory, and Beech and, at times, enter giant White Pine Forests towering above the fern covered floor. If you don't own a horse but still want to ride, there are 3 area stables that offer guided rides.

Equestrian Valley 2495 Crimson Rd.  Mansfield                                                           419-589-5161                       

The Stables at Mohaven 18744 Turkey Ridge Rd.  Danville                                         740-599-6111                       

Triple M Riding Ranch 794 Co. Rd. 2404 Loudonville                                                   419-606-1422                       

Racing - Mid Ohio Sports Car Course

Mid Ohio Sports Car Course is the Premier Race track in Ohio. If you are into racing, you know the track. Whispering Pines Cabin is only about a 35-40 minute drive from Mid Ohio (10-15 for race fans!). After dealing with crowds all day escape to the serenity of our cabin. Enjoy the hot tub or fire pit while you rehash the days races.

Mid Ohio Sports Car Course                 7721 Steam Corners Rd. Lexington                        800-643-6446                                                                  

Shopping and other activities

If your idea of shopping is Sak's 5th Ave. or Bloomindale's you are REALLY going to be disappointed, BUT if you love Antiques, Art, unique specialty shops, and Amish Country will be in heaven!

Whispering Pines Cabin is in a great location for the shoppers in your group. We are very close to Bellville, Loudonville and less than an hour to the Amish towns surrounding Berlin (probably the best known Amish community in the state). We are less than a mile from The Prairie Peddler Festival ( The Prairie Peddler is a truly unique festival. It ,essentially, is a town built in the woods that comes to life two weekends a year. The shops and booths at The Prairie Peddler are not your run of the mill shops. You will be amazed at the extraordinary products that are displayed at this festival.

Miniature Golf / Go Carts

Mohican Adventures Loudonville (Go carts)                                                                          419-994-4097                 

Dutch Heritage Miniature Golf Bellville (no go carts)                                                             419-886-2771                           no known website

The Infield Lexington (go carts / batting cage)                                                                       419-884-4386                 

Skiing & Snowboarding

Some of the most enjoyable activities on the planet revolve around snow sports. I began skiing at around 26. At 35 I switched to snowboarding. I loved to ski, I love to board. I believe there is no better way to beat the winter doldrums than to confront it head on and head out to the slopes. What a privilege it is to stand at the precipice of a run and absorb the views of the hills and valleys below. What a euphoric feeling it is to rest in a rustic alpine lodge as the endorphins course through your body providing a peacefulness that is seldom experienced in our stressful lives. And, at the end of that day, what a pleasure it is to relax and unwind in a hot tub or sit beside a cozy fire, feet up, head back.

Whispering Pines Cabin is perfectly located to enjoy Ohio's finest Ski Resorts. We are only 11 miles from Snow Trails Winter Resort and a mere 4 miles from Clear Fork Resort. We offer a beautiful combination of rustic Luxury (sort of an oxymoron I know, but you'll see) to help you create the perfect end to an amazing day on the slopes.

Clear Fork Ski Resort 341 Resort Dr. Butler                                                                   419-883-2000                                

Snow Trails Ski Resort 3100 Possum Run Rd. Mansfield                                              800-644-6754